Laura's Story

Welcome to Laura's Fudge! We love our business and we hope you love our wonderful fudge and confectionery just as much!


Laura is no ordinary Laura. She is passionate, foreseeing and takes risks.
Her mission has always been the same; quality, service, hard work and

Laura’s Fudge was founded in 2012, by Laura, whilst in her first year of university.
Now Laura has finished university her plans are endless, with a few bags of sugar
here and there.

With Laura’s passion for all things sweet and naughty, Laura’s Fudge keeps growing,
with new recipes always being developed and new innovation always being at the
heart of the business.

Laura’s products are only of the highest quality and Laura can guarantee that every
mouthful that you take will be the best around.

As Laura’s Fudge started to grow, so did the production of the fudge. With a lot of
hard work, development and wishful thinking, all of the fudge is now handmade in
special, traditional confectionery mixers and then hand set by a small team.

By supporting Laura along her journey you are helping to feed the foundations of
this loving business.

We hope that every customer that is involved with the Laura’s experience is more
than happy and loves all of our products as much as we do.

You can find Laura’s Fudge at Food Festivals, Shows and Family events up and
down the UK. Laura’s plans for her business are endless. Her main aim and goal is
to make Laura’s a well-known brand.

One thing that Laura has always said about the marvelous business is… ‘Nothing
similar is quite the same’.


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